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The Polar Express™ Experience

Do you believe? We do at the Mid-Norfolk Railway and that is why we are proud to be again hosting an exciting magical experience like no other. THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride is returning to the Mid-Norfolk Railway this December with the magic of the 2004 motion picture THE POLAR EXPRESS™ being theatrically re-created so you and your family can be immersed in the sights, sounds and intrigue of this classic children’s tale.

Prepare to be surrounded by the magic and wonder of the Christmas season!

As you and your family take in the festive decorations at THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride station, you can almost hear the faint sound of sleigh bells in the distance and the fun begins.

THE POLAR EXPRESS™ is waiting for you at the platform. Wait for the train Conductor to invite you and the other passengers to climb aboard, shouting “All aboooooard!”. Anticipation builds as you step onto the Train to be escorted to your seat by the Chefs from the film.

Before long, scenes from the film come to life as dancing Chefs and Waiters arrive to serve cookies and hot chocolate. The children are invited to engage these exciting characters who are eager to hear from the youngsters about what makes the Christmas season special to them.

While the hot chocolate lingers in your mouth and warms your tummy, you will listen as the story of The Polar Express is told in its entirety. Chefs show pages from the beautifully illustrated book for the whole carriage to follow. A smile grows on your face as you watch your child become absorbed in the wonderment of the story.

As your adventure continues, you notice other key elements of the story — both inside and outside your train — springing to life. Watch and listen as another scene unfolds on-board before your eyes.

Upon arrival at the North Pole, keep your eyes peeled for Santa’s sleigh and Christmas trees. Watch out for Santa waving and, when the train stops, listen out for the carriage door to slam as Santa gets on board. After the train departs the North Pole for the return voyage home, you soon notice that the adventure isn’t over. Santa appears in your midst to present each passenger with their very own “First Gift of Christmas”, a silver bell from his sleigh. Thinking back to the story, you might like to remind the children to check their pockets for holes!

Chefs on board lead the passengers in singing favourite Christmas Carols as the train heads back to Dereham Station. Here passengers depart the train and make their way to our great gift shop with a range of gifts from toys, to Exclusive Polar Express Merchandise.

We encourage our guests, young and old to wear pyjamas just as in the Film. Children love it and if you can persuade our older guests, Mums, Dads, Granny and Grandpa to also join in, the atmosphere in the train comes alive for a truly magical experience!

This is where your participation in the story of The Polar Express comes to an end. However, our hope for your family is that your Christmas season has been enriched and memories from your experience will endure for years to come.

“Well, ya comin’?”

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